3 Benefits to Inbound Marketing for Colleges

Inbound marketing is a strong tactic that ought to be utilized to its fullest potential by universities to not only let students find them but also to make use of the following three benefits.

1. Become a Community Thought Leader.
Small blogs have grown into successful brands through the use of inbound marketing, quality content creation, and by proving themselves as experts in their fields.

Because many universities already produce content and employ numerous experts in many areas, having an inbound mindset will allow a college to emerge amongst the many as a community leader.

Needless to say, being counted as a thought leader in the world of academia is a great feat and can quickly cement the status of credibility for an entire institution.

2. Keeping Alumni Engaged.
If alumni see that their alma mater is actively creating content, recruiting more students, and is positively shaping their image, former students will be more likely to participate in school events and remain in contact with their institution.

An active alumni association matters to a lot of prospective students and the strength of such an association can either encourage or discourage a student from matriculating.

Prospective students want to know that their university of choice looks out for all those that pass through their doors, and inbound marketing can help invigorate and build a powerful alumni association.

3. Finding the most qualified prospects.
Inbound marketing does not include the creation of a lot of relevant content, but it contains content created for the target audience specifically.

Every university has ideal students, and they can find those students by creating content for them. Doing this will bring more qualified prospects organically which is far more efficient than and financially prudent than blindly advertising to a suspected target audience.

Inbound marketing benefits all those that use the strategies correctly, but colleges can reap a particular set of rewards when using tactics appropriate to their industry.

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