Productivity Tuesday: 3 Quick Todo List Tips

Today is Productivity Tuesday again, and we have tips to help you keep your Todo list sorted by priority.


Having a Todo list is an essential part of being efficient. The next step is to organize your Todo list so that you can work through it promptly and accomplish all the goals you set.


1. Not everything can be a top priority.

This tip is important if you recently began to use Todo lists. 


It's easy to put everything at the top of the list and prioritize everything equally, but that only defeats the purpose of a task list.


Be honest with yourself and understand which tasks need to be done sooner than others so that you can maximize your efficiency.


2. Don’t confuse urgent with important

This tip is also important to understand if you are just starting to organize your days.


You have to differentiate between urgent tasks and important tasks to make the most of each day. An urgent task is one in which the deadline exists in the immediate future. This is usually anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day.


An important task has a softer deadline which extends beyond the coming few days, but still, must be met.


Look at the timelines. Tasks that must be accomplished sooner than later can be considered urgent.


3. Avoid being tempted by fun tasks

Most Todo lists are full of tasks you have to get done, not ones you want to get done. But there are times where a task can be both.


If you have a fun task that must be completed by a certain time, add it to your list, but don't prioritize it differently than anything else. 


Treat it the same, systematic way you would address tasks that are less fun. Put it on your list according to its level of priority.


We hoped these quick tips helped you better organize your days!