Why Your Site Needs To Dominate Local Searches

The idea that a small business in a small community should rank highly in local searches is nothing new. But now more than ever, it is of extreme importance that small businesses focus on maintaining their local relevance.


National brands are starting to see openings in local markets that are mostly filled by small businesses. For instance, beauty product manufacturer Maybelline has 16 Facebook and YouTube accounts dedicated to certain geographic areas. 


So if Maybelline has a dedicated social media presence in your community, you could bet that if you did a Google search for beauty products, they would be the first result.


Most national brands have transcended the small communities in which they began, which is why they are national. For a long time, they didn't need to tap into other, smaller markets. Now that some national brands are using grassroots movements, others will quickly catch on and do the same.


SEO is becoming more important than ever, and if you don't want your business to be overshadowed by big corporations who are fishing in small ponds, then you need to take action immediately.


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