Video Marketing

Video Marketing communicates and engages with your audience in a much more effective way than text and images.

Current statistics show that around 8.5 in every 10 online users can be reached through online video marketing, a number that is rapidly growing each year.

Your website viewers are much more likely to click and watch a 90 second video than they are to read a 900 word article. On the internet, viewer attention span is in seconds, not minutes. Every second a viewer is unengaged holds the potential of a lost lead and conversion.


A video also holds the potential to single-handedly convert a viewer into a consumer. In a survey recently taken, viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product after seeing a descriptive video about it. This statistic alone shows that video marketing is a force that cannot be ignored.

Along with converting visitors to consumers, videos also double the time a viewer will stay on your site and double the amount of pages that are viewed.

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