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Over the last decade and a half, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have replaced traditional business directories such as the Yellow pages and other phone books. We have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way people find the products and services they need and desire.

Internet MarketingIn a recent poll of random citizens, the results were extremely clear, with 53.85% of respondents saying that they haven't used the yellow pages in the last year, while 100% of respondents said they use Google every day.

Another indication could be taken from SuperMedia (Yellow Pages United States) who announced a decline in profits citing, among other reasons, "...declining use of print yellow pages directories."

With this shift to the use of search engines, it is now more important than ever to ensure your business is properly advertised and represented online. When searching for products or services, people choose Google 80% of the time over all other search engines.

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Behavior Targeting

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