4 Hobbies That Will Help Your Resume Stand Out

Everyone has free time to spend throughout the day. How you spend your free time can make the difference between getting hired or being rejected.


Depending on the type of industry you are trying to work in, certain hobbies hold more weight on resumes than others.


1. Volunteering

If you're looking to work in sales, volunteering is a hobby that can make you a prime candidate. Sales is a challenging industry to work in because customer relations can be volatile, but if you willingly spend your time helping other people, you are showing employers that you can handle even the most difficult of personal situations. 


2. Playing Music

Knowing how to play a musical instrument with proficiency is a terrific way to display your prowess and dedication to employers in fields that demand constant focus and scrupulousness, like engineering or architecture. Not everyone can play an instrument, so having this talent goes a long way to putting your resume at the top of the stack.


3. Playing Sports

Being physically active let's hiring managers to know that you are conscientious about your personal health and well-being. Playing team sports is another benefit because it demonstrates your ability to work with or even lead others when striving to achieve a common goal.


4. Photo/Video Production

If you want to work for a company that produces creative content and products, photography and videography are important hobbies to have. They are easy and reliable ways to express your artistic abilities which are traits many employers look for in a potential hire.