5 Social Media and Online Marketing Trends in 2016

  1. Cost of Advertising Rising
As online marketing and social media make technological progress – competition has increased greatly. This makes it much more difficult to increase your business’ visibility online. To make it even more difficult, social media sites are adjusting their organic reach as well.

Because of these things, advertising budgets are increasing. Although it isn’t impossible to work on a budget – you should leave room for any extra expenses if necessary.

  1. Mobile Optimization
Did you know in 2015 there were more leads generated via mobile search than desktop/laptop search?

With almost everyone carrying a smart phone on them, what device do you think they use to do most of their online searching? Anyone looking to get their business seen by potential customers definitely needs to cater to their mobile audience by making a website that isn’t just functional, but responsive.

  1. Videos, Videos, and More Videos!
In November of 2015 there were just about 8 billion video views DAILY on Facebook.

There have been enough studies that show that content that is provided via video has a much higher engagement rate compared to just plain text. If you haven’t already, it’s time to seriously consider implementing video marketing into your strategy.

  1. Local SEO – Even More Important
Google launched a powerful new tool called My Business, and because of this – local SEO has already become even more important than before.

It’s important to build your business and be listed on Google for more visibility, because there have been significant changes when it comes to Google’s search results for local businesses.

  1. Live-Streaming is Booming
This year, live-streaming applications (and those on social media) have been booming. Just to name a few of the more popular apps, we have Periscope, Facebook live-streaming, and Snapchat.

Live-streaming allows many businesses to stay current with the times, connect with their audience, and build a better online personality. This has proven to benefit plenty of businesses in their efforts to learn more about their target audience.