8 Major Cities That Will Be Car Free

Despite the numerous technological innovations the auto industry has seen in the last few decades, some major cities around the world are striving to eliminate cars from their roads.


Here's the short list of cities progressively becoming independent of personal motor vehicle transportation.


  • Madrid, Spain
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Paris, France
  • Athens, Greece
  • London, England
  • Brussels, Belgium


To reduce and remove pollution and traffic from cars, city officials are implementing bans and offering incentives on moving the populous toward cleaner, safer methods transit.


Public modes of transportation such as trains are becoming more efficient and affordable while individual modes such as bicycling are becoming more accessible due in part to wider bike lanes and bans on diesel powered vehicles.


If you read the cities on the list, you might have no problem believing that the elimination of cars is feasible. Many of these towns have clustered centers and hubs which cut the distance on reaching certain destinations.


What about America? New York is a great example of a city that uses efficient public transport, but it has no intention of removing cars from the roads in the near future.


These new policies may not yet affect people who live in towns that fan out over a broad area. Because it may be harder to use trains and bicycles in wider locales, the latest car innovations will be taking center stage. Autonomous vehicles will likely affect the populations that are most reliant on cars, such as ours.


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