Buy a Car on Google

Would you buy a car on Google?

In recent years, Google has been practicing with the idea of buying a vehicle through their search engine. However, they’re approaching this in a different context. Instead of a button that says “Buy it Now”, Google presents the viewer with a button link “Get Quote”.

How do they do this?

Say you are searching Google for a Honda Civic in Los Angeles - the first non-ad link to appear will read “Honda Civic Inventory on Google.”
Once you click on the link you will be taken to a Google page not just showing general information on Honda Civics but links and details to the actual, individual cars on local dealers’ lots listed by the VIN and sticker price.  Clicking on a car link will show you more information about that vehicle as well as the dealers’ address and phone number with a button saying “Get Quote”.

As of now, clicking “get quote” will only send a dealer the potential customer’s name, proxy phone number, and email address.
Google does monitor the number of times they forward a dealer’s call and email.

Even better, a dealership’s inventory system could be linked up directly to Google, so every time a new car arrives on the lot, it will show up in searches. Google would allow prospective car buyers to click all the way down to the VIN and connect them directly with the exact car they are looking for.
Google may not be in the position to actually sell a car, but they can ease and expedite the entire transaction.

Keep in mind that Google is only working with this idea in select areas.

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