Can You Convince Students To Earn a Degree?

The short answer is yes; you can convince students to pursue and earn a degree. Although this is possible, it is no easy feat to perform.

Today we'll briefly discuss two topics; why it's difficult to convince students that earning a degree is a great idea, and how to convince them.

The economy is an important factor that determines whether or not a student decides to pursue higher education.

In a poor economy, there is a greater focus on saving money, and one way to save money is by avoiding student loans and high costs of tuition, room, and board from universities.

In a rich economy, there is a reduced demand for a college degree as jobs are plentiful, and people can work their way up the corporate ladders through hard work and determination.

So it seems as if this is a lose-lose situation for universities across the nation who are finding that their enrollment numbers are steadily declining year after year.

But there is a way to persuade students into striving for a degree despite the current state of the economy, whether good or bad.

It starts with a strong web presence and a strict adherence to tracking data and understanding how to make necessary changes based on gathered metrics.

A website is often the first portal a prospective student meets when they show interest in education. If a site is difficult to navigate and does not offer answers to the questions a prospect might have, then they are likely going to look elsewhere.

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