How To Make The Most of your Commute


If you commute by train, carpool as a passenger, or listen to smartphone apps while driving, then engaging in any of these three activities on your way to work is a great way to start your day productively.

1. Clean your inbox

Organization is an essential part of success, and it matters even in regards to the smallest details.

Cataloging your emails is usually necessary if you receive more than twenty per day, but even if you don't, archiving is still an important task. Not only does it let your inbox contain the information that is currently relevant, but having directories allows you to quickly search for and find emails that you may need to reference in the future.

2. Create your daily task list

As we previously mentioned, organization is critical, especially concerning your day.

Devising a strategy on how to best spend your time is more helpful than you might think if you don't practice this already. Creating a checklist of tasks you want to accomplish every day will help keep your focus on those goals and prevent you from forgetting about them. A to-do list can also help you prioritize certain tasks over others when you can see them all at a macro-level view on a document.

3. Read (or listen to) something educational

Books, news articles, and blog posts are all instructive options you should read or listen to on your way to work. Any of these sources of information will start your workday off properly by engaging your mind.

Sleeping and listening to music are the passive motions that most people engage in on their way to their jobs. Though these are acceptable ways to endure the daily commute, they are not productive.

If you want to advance yourself, then you must take advantage of every waking moment and work toward improving your habits and expanding your knowledge. A good time to do these things is during your daily commute if possible.