How to Promote On Social Networks

We know it is a fairly bold statement that "most companies are getting it wrong."

But honestly they are. The truth is there are online marketing companies charging high fees to manage and maintain social network outreach campaigns with little or no tracking of results.

Typically a bad social networking campaign contains three components or strategies:


  1. Set Up a Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Account for You.
  2. Add or Collect as many Friends, Fans or Followers as possible.
  3. Send out Messages to all of your connections on these sites as often as possible.


Sounds like a pretty good plan right? Well maybe, but it's completely wrong and potentially damaging! Here's why; People set up social network profiles to keep in touch with friends and family. Some utilize these websites as opportunities to meet new friends with similar interests in music, fashion, hobbies etc. .. Basically these sites are like online 24/7 social clubs.

The last thing the users of these sites (your existing and potential customers) want is marketing spam from a representative of your company telling them about the latest great innovation on your part or Widget. This type of marketing is the real world equivalent of calling customers on their cell phone, interrupting a conversation with a friend, just to play a recording of a pre-written marketing script. Or better yet walking up to strangers at a party or your high school reunion and saying "Hey, I’m going to let you finish but, you should drop what you're doing and check out this great automotive accessory my company is selling.” Probably not a good idea right?

Great, now we know what not to do. You're probably wondering the correct and most effective way to promote your products and services on social sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The good news is we have the answer and we're giving it to you for free just for you taking the time to read this!

The proper and most effective way to use social sites is a campaign with these components:


  • Put the megaphone in your customer's hands and let them spread the word for you.
  • Implement tools on your website that encourage visitors to easily spread the word.
  • Tell Your Friends About This Product Buttons.
  • Ask Friends WhatThey Think Tools.
  • Post this Link as a Tweet, Blog or Bulletin Links


This type of strategy is like show and tell. Who doesn't like show and tell? Imagine a scenario where a friend "Mike" approaches you at a party and says "Hey I just added a BDS Blower to my 357 SBC and gained 40 HP”.

Now you're interested in the conversation and more likely to listen to the information, even though it is still completely unsolicited. You might even mention it later to someone else. "Hey Mike just added ..." I think you get the point. We hope you found this information useful. We'd be happy to set this up for you.