Mac|Life Features HearPlanet in “How To Plan and Enhance Your Vacation with the iPhone”

Whether on vacation or taking an hour between business meetings, managing your time to know where to go in a new town, what to see, when it’s open, and how far it is from your current location can streamline any visit. This app provides a full audio guide for a huge range of locations around the globe. Using the GPS, it can tell you what attractions are nearby, and then tells you core details about that location. That can mean a lot less reading. The maps let you find interesting locations nearby, and then hear details on their background and significance. You can also search for specific locations if you happen to know what you’re looking for. At $4.99 the app covers a lot of locations, and can provide pre-travel information if you simply search by your destination city, so that you can sound smarter when you get there if traveling with friends or a spouse.

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