March of the Penguin 4.0

There is talk amongst the web that Google’s new Penguin 4.0 algorithm may appear in March 2016.

What does the new Penguin 4.0 mean to you?
The original Penguin updates were aimed to battle spam link tactics and monitor the quality of links to a website.
Penguin 4.0 is rumored to be a real-time update to the algorithm; meaning that the Penguin portion of the algorithm will continually be updating.
This is great news for SEO specialists that follow the rules of digital marketing advised by Google. 

Semantic Search Prediction 
Semantic search is used to understand the relationship between things, rather than only relying upon strings of data, like meta tags and link anchor text.
The impact of semantic search on the Penguin algorithm could take on many forms. It may apply RankBrain to gather of all submitted rejected files and with machine learning it could develop a ‘link genome’ for recognizing spammy links. This can ultimately assign negative value on a websites search ranking.

PBNs Are Now History
Private Blog Networks (PBNs) have been used to boost rankings. Since the launch of the original Penguin there has been a surge of manual penalties handed out for unnatural links, like those manipulating anchor text created on PBNs. 

Don’t Fall For Cheap Purchased Links
Those SEO services spamming your inbox that offer cheap links to help the SEO of your website will be due a visit from Penguin 4.0.
With Penguin going real-time the algorithm will quickly catch spam link profiles and help keep sites from ranking well in SEO that really have no business ranking in the Google search results.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of your presence on the web straightaway. We at Passinglane understand the significance of Penguin 4.0 rolling out in 2016. Staying on top of your website’s SEO ranking will be our priority. 

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