New FCC Rules

How do you feel about online tracking? New proposed regulations could mean internet service providers’ ability to track what you do online will be much more difficult. Online consumers have been complaining for a while now about non-consensual tracking, even when it was only for the purpose of providing better service. Most consumers didn’t even know they were being tracked, or that there was even an option to opt out.

With the new proposed rules, only information pertaining to improving service will be allowed without consent from users. Any tracking used for marketing or communications must have an option to opt out. While these new proposed rules limit how Internet service providers can collect data, they do not restrain how your information is shared.

ISPs are likely to push against these new rules, but lucky for them, these rules are only in the proposal stage. There is a possibility that changes will be made before the rules even come into play. Only time will tell how our information is used in the near future.