Pay-Per-Click Management

It’s no secret that just about anyone can set up a simple Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertising campaign, however it takes a great deal of experience and knowledge to develop and sustain campaigns that are both cutting-edge and profitable:

  • Platform Knowledge: Anyone who has ever used Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertising can tell you that these tools are both robust and powerful, but also very complicated. With so many new features and policies being introduced or modified on an almost weekly basis, it’s a full time job just staying up-to-date and determining how to best utilize this new knowledge effectively in campaigns. As a result, increasingly our vast knowledge of the Google and Microsoft platforms is becoming the most important reason why you should hire Passinglane. Between the introduction of new campaigns and features from Google like Remarketing and Call Tracking in addition to Microsoft Advertising’s continuous efforts to keep up with Google, not to mention Facebook Advertising jumping in the mix, staying current with the latest paid search trends is our top priority at Passinglane.
  • Keyword Analysis: Every dealer is different which means that your campaigns need keywords that are unique to your dealership. With every market, there are thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of keyword grouping possibilities. Focusing your campaigns on using just a small handful of expensive keywords is a mistake. At Passinglane, we take time to extensively research and develop keyword phrases for your campaigns which enable us to precisely target the customers you are looking for and spend less money on clicks. We do this all before we begin to compete for the more pricey and obvious keywords.
  • Expert Ad Copy: First impressions are everything and your ad is the very first opportunity you have to impress your potential customers. Poorly written ad copy can have a negative effect, not only your paid advertising campaign’s performance, but also on your dealership’s hard-earned reputation. Our experienced Account Managers at Passinglane are trained to write ad copy that is not only intended to target your potential customers, but is also memorable and effective. Over time, we actively split-test and refine your campaign’s ad copy by theme and performance all in order to better capture the interest of your potential customers before the click.
  • Conversion Tracking: Tracking the overall performance of your campaigns and the number of conversions that result from your ads is important. Conversion tracking helps measure the ROI of your paid search campaigns by reporting the actions that potential customers take after they click on your ad. This means that it is extremely important for your Google and Microsoft conversion tracking mechanisms to be installed correctly. At Passinglane, we will work with you to properly implement these tracking processes into your website, so you can start tracking how well your ads are generating leads, sales and other key actions for your dealership.
  • Dedicated Support Staff: Because of the amount of advertising spending in our care and as a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we have an assigned dedicated support staff for our company. This affords us the ability to manage any problems or questions much more reliably and quickly than an individual managing their own campaign could possibly accomplish.
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