Productivity Thursday, Email Efficiency

Today is Productivity Tuesday again, and this week we will discuss emails. Emails are often seen as enemies to efficiency as reading and responding to them can quickly sap your energy and time.

We would like to share our three favorite ways to handle emails so you can make the most of your workday.

1. Don’t Leave Emails in Your Inbox
If you don't have archive folders, then you need to make those first to follow this method. Once you have files, it is important to use them.

The worst way to hinder productivity is to read an email and leave it in your inbox without taking action. Doing this will only cause you to read the email a second time which is a poor way to spend your energy. Read the email, and when you're done with tasks related to it, archive appropriately.

2. Act on Email Immediately
This method relates closely to method 1. It is a bad strategy to read an email, understand it, then leave it only to come back to it later.

When you have time to read emails, act on them immediately so your workflow can keep moving forward.

3. Set Aside a Timeframe for Emails
Whether you're a person who receives one hundred emails daily, or just a few, you understand how time-consuming reading and responding to each one can be.

If possible, dedicate a small window of time each day to fulfilling the tasks of reading and replying so that they do not interrupt your other duties.