Sema - APC 2.0 Introduction Letter

Dear SEMA Member,

We are excited to introduce you to Auto Parts Cart 2.0. The Auto Parts Cart Team has been working on very exciting enhancements to our current tool set.

We'd like you to take a moment to review the materials in this package. You'll be glad you did.

The Official Launch of APC Version 2.0 is taking place right now at SEMA 2009 at Booth #11668!

If you are building an ecommerce site or if you have an existing site selling parts online, we are confident you will get better results, faster and at a lower cost using Auto Parts Cart.

Since 1995, we've deployed hundreds of successful websites for mom and pops, start ups and numerous fortune 100 clientele. Our clients include racing legends, current champions as well as family owned automotive companies and dealerships.

Over the last year the market place, the internet and available technology have all changed at a feverish pace. Our mission however, remains the same;


"We strive to develop cutting edge tools that assist our clients in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the promotion and sales of automotive parts and accessories online"


We're ready to put our experience, hundreds of thousands of dollars of R&D and over 100 APC tools to work for you today. Included in this package are materials to introduce you to Auto Parts Cart 2.0 and also proven techniques for promoting and selling parts online:


  • Introduction to APC 2.0 - Sell Auto Parts Online
  • Search Engine Domination & Social Promotion Overview
  • Meet Our Award Winning Design Team
  • How to Promote On Social Networks (Why Most Companies Are Getting It Wrong!)
  • Top 5 Tips for Free Online Promotion


We hope you find the materials and free tips included beneficial. If you have success with our techniques we would love to hear about it.

Again, thanks for allowing us to introduce you to Auto Parts Cart 2.0 and we wish you nothing but success! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.

Lee Egstrom
Auto Parts Cart
Founder / Creative Director