The Future of Instagram

 Instagram is becoming more influential as a social platform every day. It is constantly evolving, and lately it seems to be taking note of Facebook’s business features, and will be releasing two new business-friendly features.
For example, a business, such as an automotive dealership, can now see what posts are doing well for them via analytics, and they can pay to boost a successful ad post, allowing more people to see it. 
In addition, dealerships can now have their own accounts with posts that are their own, rather than paying money so send out ads that weren’t associated with an account. 
Dealerships will also be able to see their analytics on their profile, letting them know at a glance which posts were successful and allowing them to collect data they need. 
It seems that social media isn’t just for sharing your life online anymore; it’s also about helping businesses like car dealerships promote themselves and reach more potential clients.