The Smartphone is Already on its Way Out

We've seen powerful computing technology packed into compact devices like phones and watches, but soon physical gadgets may be relics of the past.

Projection Engineering is preparing to take over the digital market in a few years time. As seen at CES 2017, the Sony Xperia Projector is making the future look more like the present.

The smart technology of the projector runs on the Android platform and is capable of performing these amazing feats:

  • projecting a 23-inch touch display
  • projecting an 80-inch view-only display
  • following voice commands
  • streaming music and videos
  • browsing the internet
  • accepting 10-finger input on touch display

Currently, this piece of hardware is the size of a small box. It has auto-projecting built-in which knows when to display the 23-inch view in portrait or landscape mode and when to display the 80-inch view on a wall depending on the objects surrounding it.

This news is exciting, but how does it apply to you? The advent of these technologies is important to you because it directly affects your business and how customers find you.

If society moves toward 23-inch and 80-inch projected displays for daily internet use, then you'll need a website that functions on those size displays.

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