What You Should Know About Younger Generations

If you own a business or are going to start one in the future, you need to know about your customers.


It's 2017, and the era of the Millennial generation has begun. The more you know about this generation, the greater your chances will be at turning these young prospects into consumers.


Follow along as we discuss three crucial facts about this burgeoning cohort and explain what these details mean to you.


1) Millennials will comprise half the American workforce in five years

Who creates the largest consumer population? The answer is the general workforce. If Millennials will soon become the majority of those gainfully employed, then it is imperative that you understand and cater to their specific needs and desires.


We at PassingLane understand the fickle nature of society, so we spend much of our time analyzing data that we can always supply the current demand.


2) Millennials have conservative spending habits compared to previous generations

This is a fact that cannot be ignored. Millennials are burdened by heavy college debts, so many people of this generation are keen on conservation. They do not have the luxury to spend frivolously as some could in times past.


Although Millennials are saving money, they still want quality goods and services. You have to find a way to offer value at a manageable price while still making a profit.


Our team at PassingLane has over twenty years of experience in marketing and advertising and can offer the solution you are looking for to help you maximize your return on investment.


3) Millennials have the highest levels of education of any generation in U.S. history

People are becoming smarter. As a large percentage of the current generation has greater access to formal, higher education, you cannot rely on deception to sell. You must respect your customers and appeal to them in a way that does not insult their intelligence.


These are only a few important points to keep in mind about the people who will form the majority of your clientele. You should be spending time focusing on other aspects of your business and let the experts do what they do best.


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