Why Phone Call Tracking is Critical To Success

In the digital age where buying groceries on the Internet is not uncommon, you might wonder why your business would need to track phone calls.

We will give you three reasons why phone tracking is even more important now than it has ever been.

1. Over 50% of web browsing is done from a mobile device.
If that's a hard number to believe, then stop looking at your phone and see how many other people are still looking at theirs.

According to a study conducted by Ipsos, an independent market research company, they found that over 70% of individuals who searched for websites also used the click to call feature to contact a business.

If you still think calling is an archaic form of communication, read our next point to understand why it is crucial to implement phone tracking in your business strategy.

2. 76% of people would call to schedule appointments for professional services.
Whether you run an auto shop or a beauty salon, if you provide services, then the majority of your customers will call to reserve your time.

Imagine not having phone tracking in this case. If four people scheduled an appointment for your services, and only one was tracked from a website, then you have three conversions unaccounted for.

That loss will not only hurt your conversion ratio but will also prevent you from fully understanding what aspects of your website and marketing plan are working if you're not tracking leads from every possible source.

3. Many calls made from clicking ads average six minutes in length.
That's an interesting statistic, but what does it mean?

If a call lasts for thirty seconds or less, it's safe to assume it was made to gather information. Here are example questions that would be typically asked in a quick, informational call.

"What time do you close today?"
"Are you open on the weekends?"
"Can I make a return without a receipt?"

Now if a call lasts for approximately six minutes, it's safe to assume that the person who called did not want to know about store hours.

A six-minute call would indicate that the individual was interested in specific details regarding services or goods. At this point, the caller would be much farther down the funnel and much closer to converting.

This is extremely valuable data that is easily lost without call tracking in place.

Internet marketing encompasses far more than owning a basic website. It involves the integration of every technology that is capable of tracking clients from the time they are prospects to the time they are converted customers.

Call tracking in a mobile world is one of the pillars that holds a solid marketing strategy in place. If your business or brand does not utilize this technology, then your plan won't hold up for very long.

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