Why You Need A Mobile Site Now

It’s hard to believe that in only five years’ time since the introduction of the first iPhone, the number of smart phone users has skyrocketed to an astounding 50% of the population. So hard to believe for some in fact, that many people still don’t realize the absolute need for a mobile platform for their business. With 20% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, and 7% coming from tablets, it’s time to kick this caveman attitude to the curb and jump into the wonderful world of mobile websites. What are the benefits of a mobile site? Well for starters, full-scale websites on a small phone are hard to navigate and difficult to read – we can’t all have Tinker Bell as a sidekick to help with our mobile navigation woes. Mobile sites offer a simplified, condensed version of your information in a clear, user-friendly fashion.

As an added plus, mobile sites load much faster than a full-scale website, meaning potential customers spend less time waiting for your content to load and more time looking. This dramatically changes the relationship between your business and your customer, creating a more personalized way to access information and services. Customers will appreciate this; ease of access and visually appealing design are key components to positive customer experience. And if customers have a positive experience on your site, they are much more likely to visit again.

A mobile website is an essential source for reaching out to as many potential customers as possible, including the fifth of people who are solely using their smart phones for internet access. Without one, you’re at a disadvantage in this fast-paced world of the internet. With one though, your business and your customers will live happily ever after.